Nick is a Certified Practising Accountant with 6 years of experience at Bramelle Partners and heads up the superannuation division of Bramelle Partners being responsible for over 100 SMSF’s. Prior to joining Bramelle Partners, Nick has commercial experience working in the education sector.

Nick provides professional services to a wide range of clients from superannuation funds, large private businesses and high net worth family groups. Nick specialises in dealing with clients in the financial services industry, significant investment portfolio and crypto investments.

Nick specialises in advising and assisting clients with establishing, administering and managing their superfund. He is committed to being there to guide clients throughout the lifecycle of their SMSF, ensuring continued compliance with the ever-changing superannuation rules and regulations.  Nick also provides day to day tailored advice, taxation services and tax planning to private businesses and high net worth clients with the aim of making their lives easier.

Nick has watched the entire Friends series more than 5 times.