Boosting our team culture in Hunter Valley

We spent three amazing days at Voco Hotel boosting our team members’ energies in Hunter Valley. The beginning of 2022 was just an incredible opportunity to gather together and discuss our goals and plans to keep leading the accounting practice at Bramelle Partners.

Yellow Coaching, led by Julianne and Andrew, team up with us and prepared tactical and practical activities to team up together on how we feel about the company, which are our goals for 2022, how to accomplish them, and how we can work together on offering the best of ourselves to, as a team, keep providing the best service for our clients at Bramelle.

From discussing several topics such as Vision, Mission, Purpose, and Company Culture. We redesigned what we can call our second home: Bramelle; the place where we spend a very important part of our day and where we feel appreciated and important as a key piece to make our business grow.

One activity that definitely the whole team enjoyed was the DISC profiles. Dominant, Influential, Steady and, Compliant. Julianne and Andrew showed and explained to us the results and analysis they got after a test the whole team did before starting our session.

It was just amazing to understand how our differences in personalities and characters are essential to balance our company’s culture and how each of us can nourish it.

We are so proud to say that we are part of the Bramelle Partners family and, we can’t wait to see how everything learned on this three-day session at Hunter Valley will help us to accomplish the best this 2022.