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SBSCH and SMSF bank account validation

With the year-on-year growth in the number of SMSFs in Australia, the ATO is finally rolling out a extra security feature for SMSFs that use the Small Business Superannuation Clearing House (SBSCH) in terms of bank account validation.  Briefly, the SBSCH is a free, online superannuation payments service that small businesses can...
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How much does negative gearing really cost the nation? Since the government’s announced changes to the Stage 3 tax cuts to give lower income earners more benefits, the chorus of voices advocating for changes to other aspects of the tax system, such as negative gearing, has grown steadily stronger. So how much does negative gearing actually cost the nation each year? The answer to...
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FBT electric vehicle home charging rate

Since the introduction of EV incentives by various state governments to encourage the uptake of EVs and other zero emissions vehicles, the market share of EVs has significantly increased from around 0.78% in 2022 to 7.2% in 2023. According to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, while EV sales only account for a small proportion...
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No super, No Life!

I was travelling in Japan on a family holiday recently and browsing a stationary store came across a number of pictures with the caption “No Super, No Life”. This is probably more relevant in Japan where the annual basic aged pension is approximately ¥950000...
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